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Responding to COVID-19

Since its' initial outbreak, our team has been monitoring the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely.  As we have witnessed the outbreak become a pandemic and evolve into a public health crisis, we have been moved to take immediate action to better ensure that families living with ALS have the support they need to better cope with these rapidly changing circumstances.  

We have made the decision to significantly expand our services to better respond to the evolving needs that we are seeing in the ALS community as families struggle to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


This includes launching our Good Neighbor Program and repurposing our Flex Grant Program to meet the evolving needs of the families we serve.

You will find more information below on both of these initiatives.

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Fighting COVID-19


Our Good Neighbors Program Aims to Curb Exposure for pALS

We have launched our Good Neighbors Program, which alleviates the need for medically vulnerable families to venture into the community for basic supplies (e.g., groceries, prescriptions) by connecting them with volunteers who can lend a hand. Click these links if you're interested in volunteering, if you know a family in-need, or want to apply.


Emergency Flex Grants Available for Families! 

We've repurposed our Flex Grant Program in-order to provide emergency funding for families who are struggling with unexpected expenses due to the spread of COVID-19.  This will provide up to $500 in immediate funding for families to cover basic expenses, while lending a hand to those who need it most. To learn more, click here. To apply, click here.

Resources for Families


Navigating COVID-19 is Challenging. Here Are a Few Resources That Might Help.

There are so many get websites out there that can be useful, but we've found a few that are a cut above the rest.  Please check out guidance provided by the CDC, this blog post from ALS TDI, this helpful page hosted by the ALS Society of Canada, these helpful tips from the Red Cross, and this informative article from ALS News Today.  

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