Flex Grant Program

We have repurposed our Flex Grant Program to better respond to the evolving COVID-19 public health crisis.  To learn more, click here

We thank you for your interest in The Susie Foundation’s Flex Grant Program. The program seeks to aid homebound patients and families impacted by ALS by providing financial assistance (no more than $1,000) to help offset expenses not traditionally covered by private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and other assistance programs. 


The Flex Grant Program offers financial support through reimbursements to help cover the costs of respite care, adaptive devices not covered by medical insurance, certain medical expenses and equipment, as well as home modifications.  Click here for a full description of these products and services eligible for reimbursement.


Eligible applicants include all residents of Connecticut, Massachsetts, and Rhode Island who are homebound and have a definitive diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Grants will be awarded biannually and based, in part, on the availability of funds. First time applicants, as well as those exhibiting dire and/or debilitating personal, psychological, familial, medical, or financial circumstances may be given priority. 

Program Forms & Policies

Program Information & Guidelines

This is your one stop shop for everything related to Flex Grants. This document, which can be downloaded by clicking the icon to the left, will introduce you to the grant application process, important dates to remember, eligibility criteria, and everything else you need to know about Flex Grants. 

Products and Services Eligible for Reimbursement

This short, straightforward document outlines most of the products and services that are eligible for reimbursement funding as a part of our Flex Grant program. 

Program Application - Temporarily Closed. Click here to learn more.

Our e-application helps to make the process of submitting for a Flex Grant incredibly easy. Simply click the icon to the left for a direct link to our application and start your application today!

Verification of Diagnosis Form

Attention first time applicants! Please ensure that this form - which can be signed by your physician, neurologist, or social worker - must be completed and accompany your e-application.


Flex Grant Program Flyer

Looking for more info on the program, or just want to spread the good word to someone who might be able to benefit? Feel free to click, download, save, and share this flyer for a helpful reminder or introduction to our Flex Grant Program! 

Important Dates to Remember

Annual Grant Periods

We administer both a spring and fall grant period each year, which means applicants have two opportunities each year to receive funding. However, there are important dates to remember during each period to be sure your application materials are received in time for consideration. To help, we've put together this helpful calendar to help you keep things in order. 


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