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Welcome to Team Susie HQ!

SusieFit is an athletic competition designed to encourage personal fitness, while raising awareness and funds for local families struggling with the burdens levied by an ALS diagnosis. Do your part to fight ALS while helping make your workout more meaningful, memorable, and fun!

Open to gyms, CrossFit boxes, and similar, athletically-minded organizations, SusieFit leverages varied functional movements performed at high intensity to create a memorable workout experience where athletes and organizations can compete both athletically and philanthropically for rewards, prizes, and to support ALS families across southern New England.  

How does it work?

Gyms/Boxes can host a SusieFit workout for free by creating a team with their gym's name and using TSF-provided co-branded marketing materials to encourage members to sign up.  Then each gym/box hosts a SusieFit workout on any day of their choice throughout the year that works best for them, which will be supported by a Susie team member who will be on-site to support check-in, as well as provide an inspiring introduction to ALS and TSF.  

Individual athletes sign up for SusieFit workout by registering under their gym/box's team and paying or fundraising at least $25.  Participants each receive a SusieFit tee, have access to our SusieFit Team Rewards Program, and are able to join an inspiring, meaningful, and memorable workout.  

The Workout 

13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 reps (for time)

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Dead Lifts (.75 bodyweight)

SusieFit 2018

Competiton Closes on December 31st 2018     Hosted by Participating Gyms/Boxes

Benefits of hosting a SusieFit competition at your gym includes:

  • Totall FREE to host! 

  • All fundraising goes towards local families living with ALS across southern New England

  • Access to inspiring, community-focused workout that will motivate members and build camaraderie

  • Free fundraising web page and assistance for your gym 

  • Free co-branded marketing materials, including flyers and postcards 

  • TSF representative on-site for workout to assist with day-of duties and provide inspiring introduction to ALS

  • Access to fundraising incentives and prizes

Gym/Box Owner Benefits

Individual Athlete Benefits

Team Rewards Program

Benefits of participating in a SusieFit competition at your gym includes:

  • All fundraising goes towards local families living with ALS across southern New England

  • Access to inspiring workout that will reinvigorate your training program

  • Free fundraising web page and personalized assistance

  • Complimentary SusieFit t-shirt and access to incentives and prizes specifically developed for SusieFit athletes

To access benefits, athletes are required to either pay or fundraise at least $25 inorder to participate in a SusieFit workout. There are also other prizes that can be unlocked a tthe following fundraising levels

  • $75 - SusieFit Team Member Shirt 

  • $250 - SusieFit Gym Bag 

  • $500 - TSF Zip-Up Hoodie 

  • $1000 - Free Participation in any 2019 Run for Susie Event

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