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The Susie Foundation can trace its beginnings back to November 6th 2009, the day the organization's inspiration and namesake, Susan Ready Matthews, was officially diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
As catastrophic as the diagnosis was, Susan met the challenges posed to her by ALS head-on.  Supported by her friends, family, and caregivers, Susan fought ALS with the same tools she had fought all the other hardships of life: inexhaustible perserveance, an unshakeable sense of humor, overwhelming positivity, inspiring selflessness, and unremitting love for life and those around her.
Though she passed on in April of 2011, the same energy that fueled Susan's fight against ALS continues to fuel TSF today. Following from her example and inspired by our time walking alongside her, we seek to utilize Susan's lessons of love, positivity, and strength in order to bring a helping hand and lasting hope to those struggling with ALS each day. Founded in the spring of 2013, The Susie Foundation was launched with the goal of directly supporting ALS patients, families, and caregivers in Connecticut, while vigorously contributing to the eventual eradication of the disease.
We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity.

Susan Ready Matthews and her son Ryan (photo taken in 1994).

The Specifics 

Our Board of Directors. From L to R: Eric Turmel, Board Member; Ryan Matthews, Executive Director; Neil Matthews, Board Secretary; Aaron Smith, Board Chairman; Zach Ensero, Board Treasurer; and Chris Hershey, Board Member.

From the Press


Jordan E. Grice, Citizen’s News - August 13th 2016


Jordan E. Grice, Citizen’s News - August 13th 2016


Angie DeRosa, The Hartford Courant - July 23rd 2016
Jordan Otero, The Republican-American - March 1st 2015

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We are an 501(c)(3) public charity. 

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