Dear Friends,

I hope you, your family, and friends continue to be safe during this time of uncertainty. 

As we head into an unprecedented holiday season, we here at The Susie Foundation remain keenly focused on COVID-19's unimaginable impact on the families we serve.

Though we are all faced with the complicated realities of virtual holiday meals and cancelled travel plans, the families we serve – who were already beset with the incredible challenges of life with ALS – are more vulnerable now than ever before.  

Cut off from family and friends, and facing disruptions to their regular systems of care, our families are being forced respond to the imposing challenges and escalating disabilities brought on by ALS completely independent of their typical support structures. 

This means that everything from simple, day-to-day chores like eating and bathing, to more complex tasks like clinic visits and childcare, have become increasingly challenging, exhausting, and financially burdensome.

This also means that our families need your help. With a donation this holiday season, you can provide direct, financial support to families through our Flex Grant Program.  

Will you help us meet our goal of providing an additional $10,000 in aid to our families this holiday season? You can Venmo your donation to @TheSusieFoundation, or click below to donate.

Thank you for helping to make the holiday season that much brighter for our families.

Ryan Matthews

Founder & Executive Director

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