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ALS Youth Mentoring Initiative

The Susie Foundation is  bringing the power of one-to-one mentoring to the lives of children who have a parent, guardian, or family member living with ALS!  

Our  evidence-based, outcomes-focused program model builds on the best practices of community-based mentoring to bring - for the very first time! - an intentionally designed, high-quality, and professional supporting one-to-one mentoring model to the lives of children impacted by ALS. 

In this program, screened, trained, and professionally supported volunteer mentors works closely with parents and agency staff to provide their mentees with dedicated time and attention for at least 6-10 hours each month.  During unstructured bi-weekly activities, filled with conversations and shared activities, mentors and mentees develop a relationship that helps youth manage the everyday challenges of growing up alongside ALS. 

Interested in getting involved?  Check out the information below to submit your inquiry today! 

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Program Forms & Policies

Program Information & Guidelines

This is your one stop shop for everything related to our ALS Youth Mentoring Initiative. This document, which can be downloaded by clicking the icon to the left, will introduce you to the program, how the collaboration works with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the research we are relying upon to guide us, and how you can get involved! 


Interested in Enrolling a Young Person? Check out our Family Flyer! 

Want more information on how you might be able to connect a young person in your life with a mentor, or just want to an easy way to share program information with a family or young person in your life?  Follow the link above for a flyer that covers all the basics and helps introduce the life-changing impact of the program. 


Interested in Becoming a Mentor? Check out our Volunteer Flyer!

Do you want to change the life of a child impacted by parental ALS, or know someone in your life who would make a great mentor? Follow the link above for a flyer that covers all the basics and helps introduce how mentoring can not only change the life of a child in-need, but can also change yours too! 

How to Get Involved


Sign Up Today via Our Program Inquiry Form

Whether you are interested in enrolling a young person in the program, or signing up to become a life-changing mentor, use our inquiry form to share a little bit about yourself and get the process started!


Contact Us

15 Carleton Road
West Hartford, CT 06403

Telephone: 203-490-6694
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